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Mes trois pièces préférées chez moi

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mes 3 pieces preferees 

Bonjour les élèves. Voici la présentation que vous avez vue en classe.

Vous pouvez utiliser pour écrire votre propre présentation sur les trois pièces préférées chez vous.

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Salut tout le monde. Voici la chanson qu’on a regardée cette semaine en classe. Essayez de répéter les lettres de l’alphabet et chantez !

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Pirouette Cacahuète

August 18th, 2010 No comments

[youtube][/youtube]Salut tout le monde. Voici la chanson Pirouette Cacahuète – amusez-vous! Ecoutez et puis chantez!

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La Valise – chanson

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Bonjour tout le monde. Voici une chanson que ma collègue Mme. Banks a trouvée.

Elle est parfaite pour apprendre les vêtements et plein d’autres mots. Nous avons déjà entendu la chanson en classe mais la voilà pour vous à la maison! Vive la musique ! Vive Dorothée !

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C’est la Rentrée!

August 13th, 2010 No comments

Bienvenue tout le monde! Hélas, les grandes vacances sont finies.  J’espère que vous avez passé de très bonnes vacances.
Je m’appelle Madame Helen Jost. Je suis très heureuse de vous voir en classe de français cette année. Je ne suis pas douée pour l’informatique mais je vais essayer d’utiliser ce blog pour vous pour présenter et garder des ressources utiles. Voici la feuille d’information pour les classes cette année – là, vous verrez la philosophie de notre département (Modern Languages) et aussi comment nous arrivons aux notes. Il est très important de lire cette feuille !
A bientôt !
Welcome everyone. Unfortunately the summer vacation is over. I hope you had a great time.
My name is Helen Jos. t I’m very happy to see you all in my French classes. I’m not the most talented in IT but I will try to use this blog to give you and store important resources. Here is the First Day Handout for this year. In it you will read about the Modern Languages department philosophy and how your grades are worked out. Important information!
See you soon!

ISM Middle School Modern Languages
Course Overview

Teacher: Helen Jost Course: French 5, 6, A, B

ISM Modern Languages courses are designed for students to build fluency in the target language and uncover the inner workings of language acquisition. The goal is for students to gain understandings related to how skills in the areas of communication and cultural understanding impact their daily lives. Emphasis is also placed on the learning process undertaken to acquire such understandings and how these skills can be used in many areas of their lives.

At ISM we are members of a truly global, dynamic community that mirrors the future society in which our students will live and interact. Communication will surely be a large part of this world. We aim to help students equip themselves with the skills necessary to realize their full potential in the world they will help create.

In order to do so, we have articulated our curriculum around four standards: 1) Interpersonal Communication, 2) Interpretive Communication, 3) Presentational Communication, 4) Cultures and Connections.

The themes studied within these four standards include: Greetings, Personal Information, Family and Friends, School, Home, City, Food, Free Time and Entertainment, Celebrations and Shopping. The four language skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing are developed within these topics. Beginning students will focus more on speaking and listening. As students progress through the language-levels the amount of reading and writing will increase as appropriate.


Students will be given regular vocabulary and grammar quizzes. There will be formative assessment projects based on the skills and concepts of each unit. Over the course of the year, these assessments will focus on the four language skills. Homework will be given regularly and will be a short, usually written, review of what was learned in class. It is an expectation that students will show a commitment to completing homework tasks. Oral class-participation will also be assessed. The final grade breakdown is as follows:

Product/Performance Process
40% Performance Tasks 30% Participation
20% Quizzes 10% Homework

The Middle School Late Assignment Policy states, “Students need to show initiative by speaking with their teacher before the due date in the event that their assignment will be late. Assignments and projects that are submitted beyond the due date may lose up to 10% for being late.”

Enjoy the year!

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